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HTML "old skool"
This 3 week unit is on hand coding in HTML and JavaScript


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- This is the part of our class where we walk before we run. I like to call this "Old Skool" coding and also like to intentionally spell the word school wrong.

So many future decisions are based on our past. We learn from our successes AND failures, and all along the way we are being tempered by our limitations. Growth is a process not an event. So I like to start at the beginning.

HTML, CSS, PHP, etc: They are all a product of open source code. What does that mean? It means that nobody owns this code and everyone can write this code.
It means that thousands of individuals around the world had a hand in the development of their functionality. There isn't a proprietor. (Look that word up)

In the past, if someone dreamed of a change in the code... they created the code that allowed the change to occur. This concept is very similar to the very famous Mahatma Gandhi quote about change, only applied to writing clean code. Remember that he stated that we should "Be the change that you wish to see in the world"?

So, in my web publishing class we always take some time to get acquainted with the beginning. We will get in touch with our roots. Inspiration to change the code always follows and from there, the future is wide open.


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Hello World - HTML

Success by Ralph Waldo Emerson- HTML

50 States- HTML

JavaScript Eye chart <h1> </h1>

Changing attributes

Forever Young - Bob Dylan

National Parks

RBV Fact Sheet
<iframe> rbv.html </iframe>

Careers in this pathway


Dates & Meta Data

What are your strong points?
I am...
I have demonstrated this quality by...
This is important in the workplace becasue...

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