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Web Design

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Week 1

Classroom Procedures


What are your Strong Points Presentation?
Listening Worksheet

Introduction to web design

Hello World Web page

Week Two - Old School techniques
This week we will continue to work with HTML4 code. This version of HTML is now obsolete, but we can learn a lot from writing it.

Success Poem
Adding a background image
Change the attributes of the body tag

Embedding a <Style> into the head of the document
Change the color of your scroll bars in an <html> document

Hexadecimal color numbering system of the web
Once upon a time...there were 256 web safe colors. Now we have millions!

Working With JavaScript - Use Internet Explorer as Chrome will not display these JavaScripts
(Please do not use Chrome as your browser as it was not invented at the time that we used this code)

Please visit this page to see the eye chart code functioning and to copy the code

Create an eye chart using Headline tags <h1><h2><h3><h4><h5><h6>

Here is the web page with JavaScript that controls the eye chart and the <Style> tag embedded in the head. The style tag controls the colors of the scroll bars in the Internet Explorer Browser.


Interactivity with hyperlinks
Anchor Hyperlink REFerence <a href="link.html">This is a link </a>


Week Three You are styling!

Create a page called HTMLhandcoding.html

Link all of your web pages & create links for devices
Upload to the RBV-CTE server

Popular Internet Acronyms

Introduction to Dreamweaver WYSIWYG editor

Introduction to Photoshop

Week Four and Five
Creating Graphics with Photoshop
Image Optimization

Week Six and Seven
Flash Animation
Timeline Control
Button Functions
Responsive Design
Vector Animation
Working With Sound




Website set up in Google Sites
We are not using this site at this time.
It demonstrates the look and feel of a content management system's basic template.