Visual Hierarchy
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If you emphasize everything, then you have emphasized nothing!

Create a focal point!

Where do you want your viewer to look 1st, 2nd, and 3rd? Consciously decide where you want the viewer to look and how you will make them look at the elements in that order.

Create a visual path and you create motion. Motion or Movement is a principle of ART!

Emphasis is also a principle of art.

If you emphasize something you make it a focal point.

When you establish a focal point, you have started to create a visual path.

If you arranged your art elements to control the order in which the viewer looks at your elements, then you have created movement.

You have a visual hierarchy!




Here is a list of possible ways to make something a focal point:

Make it brightest

Make it a different color

Make it go in a different direction

Make it a different value

Position it differently

Reverse it

Isolate it

Arrange all the elements to lead to it

Make it glossy and the other elements dull

Make it clear and the other elements hazy

Make it a different shape than the other elements

Make it an opaque color and other colors transparent

Give it a texture or a different texture than the other elements

Make it in color if everything else is in black and white or vice versa


Principle of ART : Emphasis & (consequently Movement)

Principle of DESIGN: Contrast