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Short version of the Introduction to this page:
This is where I will place all of my random links. 

Long version of the Introduction to this page:
One of the chores of web design is categorizing information in a way that a vast array of users can comprehend. For the most part, I feel that I do a pretty good job for my clients in organizing and developing a site structure. However, this site is for me! So, I am not held to the same standard for EVERY Page of this site. I can have a random links page.

Sometimes there just isn't a simle way to organize things. For example, my bookmarks folder is always a web of mystery to me although I strive to make it a fine example of clarity.

When I create my folder structure, everything makes perfect sense to me, at the time. But, at a later date, looking at the schema again... I am left wondering about what I was thinking!  Sometimes I feel that finding a link is like walking a corn maze.

This "bookmarking a link" situation on the computer is somewhat like putting an item in a "safe" place so you can find it again, only to forget where the out-of-the-ordinary safe place was in the first place!

So to alleviate this obsession of trying to organize everything, I decided to create a page that embraces the wanderings one experiences when you "hit" a vein of good links. That is why my page is called serendipity. What a wonderful concept! 

Who doesn’t like unexpected pleasures?

Personally, I think that this type of exploration is the reason why so many of us love the Internet and sharing Social Media videos, images and antics. So, why not embrace the idea?

I hope that I have fun adding to this page over time.  I hope that you have some fun too!



Pronunciation: secondarystressser-schwan-primarystressdip-schwat-emacron
Function: noun
the gift of finding valuable or agreeable things not looked for

Welcome to my page of serendipitous links.

Padlets are a great way to post images.
Click here to see the Digital Art Padlets from 4th and 6th Period.

Monotypes - Edgar Degas
I have often wondered what to do with ink that expires.
Perhaps, this is the answer...
Here is another video of a Contemporary Artist.
Does this start you on a path to find a rolling pin and some old paint?

Harold and the Purple Crayon


Hour of Code


Tutorial for creating map notes

A guide for silk screening fine art prints

“Seri” is from the Latin word for silk
“Graph” from the Greek word graphos meaning to draw or write