Corel Painter
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Painter Brushes   Dry Media - Apples  

The Brush Catalog

Painting with a stylus- preferred method

Painting with a mouse- Manually setting the pressure, tilt, bearing, and wheel.


Choosing color with Painter's color wheel

Chalk brushes-

Light and Shadow - Handout

Choosing Paper - Surface Texture

Line Art - Bookmarks   Painting- Watercolor Brushes  

Create Book Marks in Painter using Paintbrushes, Fills, Weaves, Patterns, etc.

Instructor led demonstrations of Painter's Brushes

  The Water color interface and tools
Watercolor Brushes
Gold Fish water color tutorial Link

Paper Control
Wet into Wet
Blending and Overlaying color
Pulling out Pigment
Oil Painting Techniques   Special Effects in Painter  
Drawing the sketch with digital pencils
Develop the underpainting

Simulate "electronic oil" using color variability in the water

Emulating thick, traditional oils

The sargent Brush variant of the Artists Brush

Adding Dimension with Lighting
Surface Control Effects-
Applying lighting to unify an image
preventing "hot Spots"
Creating softly lit backgrounds
Environments for animations

The color Overlay Effect
Adding surface texture by adjusting pigments with the dye concentration effect
Effects>Surface Control>
Dye Concentration

Surface Control Effects-Photos to ART   Surface Control Effects- Special Effects  

Setting Light Sources - Screen

Surface Textures - Paper

3 Dimensional Oils
Texture Luminance
Glass Distortion


Embossing Effects
Texture Masks - Express Texture
Reflection Masks - Image Warps
Woodcut - Distress - Seriography Effect

Focus Effects
Camera Motion Blur - Motion Blur
Depth of Field

Creating an Impasto Effect   Mosiacs  

Creating texture
Depth eraser, depth rake, depthlofter or depth equalizer 

  Samples of Mosiacs
Building a clone based mosiac
Applying and Removing Tiles
Tile and Grout Color
Rendering tiles
Adding Surface Texture

Create a Butterfly mosiac
Painting- Liquid Ink      

Liquid Ink - Pitcher in outlines

Ink type, smoothness, and volume
of brush strokes