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Grid Objects

Tilde Key - Spirograph shapes

Pucker and Bloat




Watch these You Tube Videos
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You will be creating the Grid objects, Tilde Key, and Pucker & Bloat activities

Illustrator Hack and Tricks #3
YouTube Video by Satori Graphics

Split Objects into a Grid
Object> Path > Split into a GRID
Select number of Rows and Columns, as well as see preview
Pathfinder to merge selected shapes - Choose UNITE in the Pathfinder Palette

Copy and Paste made easy
Command/Shift B to paste in back
Command/Shift F to past in front
Command/Shift V to Paste in Place

Align Tool Tip
Align Multiple objects to the ONE object that you select. COOL!
Do the same to an Unlocked Guide
Select all, then single click on the one object or one unlocked guide that you want

Scaling Strokes
Always be careful when setting preferences. Use it and then return to default before you leave class, k?
Edit> Preferences>General> Check Scale Strokes and Effects option

There are a few more tips in here... CTRL+E etc.
Listen to the end...


You Tube Video by YouTube Video by Satori Graphics

The Tilde Key at the start of the tutuial is pretty slick.
Great geometric shapes that flow like a "Spirography Hose" onto the artboard.

Make Dotted Lines with the Stroke panel
Dashed line & Round Cap Selected :)

LOVE the Space Bar and the Hand tool relationship

Save your selections with memorable names
Select > Save Selection just like in Photoshop for those with dual talents...

Pucker and Bloat Tool
Draw a perfect Circle NO Fill... Just add a stroke only
Object > Path > Add Points
Effect > Distort and Transform > Pucker and Bloat Tool
Play around with the slider
When satisfied with the shape Window > Stroke
play around with the ends and settings in the stroke panel