CTE Graphic Design Course Description
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Graphic Design 1 Course Description
Graphic Design is a one year course prepares students to design and produce a variety of print and electronic media.  Students learn successful techniques for planning, designing and creating illustrations, brochures, newspapers, flyers, interface design for apps and websites, advertisements, publications, T-shirts, and instructional materials.

Learn how to address all aspects of graphic communications in order to create and successfully deliver persuasive messages. The course includes exploring different cultural influences, historical periods and movements in art and design. Through lecture, research, reading materials and assigned projects, the course emphasizes the elements and principles of art in a manner that engages students. A variety of theories are presented that prepare students for either entry level positions in industry or advanced career technical studies at colleges and universities.

This is a project based course. The course includes many real life projects that are visible throughout the school and community. Career opportunities are fully connected with professional standards.  

Earn College Credit in Graphic Design
The University of California recognizes credits earned for these courses toward Fine Arts requirements.

Graphic Design Objectives

The objectives of this class are to achieve proficient technical and aesthetic skills using various tools to generate a broad range of two dimensional images. The work you will produce should demonstrate a good understanding of both the technical and artistic/aesthetic implication of the medium utilized.  In addition, success with the course material could lead to successful employment as a career or supplementing income while continuing education.

As a result of taking this class, you should be able to:

• Work professionally within a design team.
• Identify numerous design careers which are available.
• Evaluate designs (your work and others’) for audience, meaning, and effectiveness.
• Use the elements and principles of design in a decisive fashion.
• Plan a design project according to a client’s needs.
• Build a design gradually using thumbnail sketches and mockups.
• Create attractive layouts that communicate messages effectively.
• Use color to communicate ideas to others.
• Use typography effectively in a design.


Graphic Design II Course Description
Graphic Design is a one year advanced design course where students produce a variety of print materials, maps, infographics, responsive interface designs, and other types of electronic media. This is a project based course that allows individuals to produce a traditional print and electronic porfolio. This course is set up as project based learning. The second semester project involves service learning.