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Six Steps to publishing your story map- Esri Education

Some storymaps can easily be created from your map, by choosing a storymap format in the drop down menu. Other storymaps require that you download the app, configure the code, embed your map in the app, and host it on a server. Web Publishing students will be creating StoryMap Apps.

When telling your story, it is important to choose the correct app. The configurable storymap apps are divided into three catagories:

1. Sequential, Place-based Narratives
(Storymap Tour or Storymap Journal)

2. A Curated List of Points of Interest
(Shortlist, Countdown, Playlist)

3. Comparing Two or More Maps
( Tabbed Viewer, Acordian, Swipe map, Spyglass)

Web Design students and Folks who know how to write Code can customize the storymap to suit your needs. These are the types of storymap apps (listed above) that we will create in Web Publishing.