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Inspiration Maps & StoryMaps

What will we map?

What will you map?

Data Enrichment Layers

Demographic data
Comparative information
Areas (states, countries)
User defined areas (school)
People, Places, Parks
Roads, Rivers, Ravines
Every study is different.

How will you enrich your data?


ArcGIS Online Analysis Tools
Which Tools should we use to analyze our data?

Summarize Data
Aggregate Points
Summarize Nearby
Summarize within

Find Location
Find existing location
Derive new locations
Find similar locations

Analyze patterns
Find Hot Spots
Interpolate Points
Calculate Density

Use Proximity
Create Buffers
Create Drive - Time areas
Find Nearest identifiers

Manage Data
Dissolve Boundaries
Extract Data
Merge Layers
Overlay layers





RBV Courtyards and Canopies

Read the handout provided in class.

Answer the following questions during your group discussions.

What Field Data do you need to collect?

How will you enrich your layers?

Which analysis tools will you use?

What is the question?

Rephrase the question so you can answer the question using data.

How will you map the data and present the data?

Will you use a presentation, a map or a storymap to show your research?

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