Field Study - Collecting Data
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Seven ways to map your field Data

  1. Spreadsheets and files stored on your computer
  2. Spreadsheets and files stored Online
  3. Shared web forms
  4. Smart phone Apps like the Collector for ArcGIS App
  5. Adding and editing map notes in ArcGIS
  6. Uploading your geospatial data to ArcGIS Online from ArcGIS desktop via editable feature services
  7. Crowd-sourcing your filed work via an Online network such as Twitter

There is an excellent article and 3 videos that explain how to collect your field data written and presented by Dr. Joseph Kerski. Click here to read more about filed work collection Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

Crown-Sourcing Questions

What is a VGI?
Voulenteer Geographic Information or Crowd Sourcing

Questions to ponder?
How many people tweeted about the world cup?

Did the Twitter crowd change the focus of political campaigns?

Can you predict the spread of the flu by tweets?