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The GIS projects that we will work on this year are varied to demonstrate the power of spatial analysis and of mapping. We will not be collecting and publishing personal data. After each research project, web publishing students will publish a presentation, website, web map or a storymap App that displays their study. Student will use responsive designs to allow their electronic media to be displayed on a variety of electronic devices such as on screen display, tables, android and apple phones.

Our Vista Community

Ranchos & Adobes
Rancho Buena Vista, Rancho Guajome, Rancho Vallicitos de San Marcos, Rancho de Los Coyotes,
Rancho Agua Hedionda y Los Manos

First Peoples
First People in our community
What's in a Name? The boundaries of our community
Rancho Agua Hedionda y Los Manos
Field Studies
Resources at RBVHS - Field Study
Heritage Trees- Field Study

How Good is Green?

CTE Programs in Vista
Trash it!
Vista Urban Forest- Field Study
Water is the Thread that ties us all Together
What's Blooming?- Field Study

Utilizing Big Data: VGI Volunteer Geographic Information or Crowd Sourcing
The world is voluntarily offering us information faster than the nightly news!

But Remember!
When you tell the world where you are... You are also showing them where you are NOT!

Let's farm it! Tracking tweets using ArcGIS.
Mapping a Twitter feed #wowIdidntRealizeTHAT #LookingOverMySholder
Whats for lunch?
Would you like to take a survey?
Capitalize on the fact that people love to talk to one another.
10 Fun Facts about me!
Pet Owners
Bucket List
Favorite sports team
The world of data is my sandbox
Rancho Buena Vista Adobe