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This web page is an acculumation of the research done on the history of the Tlachac Family, primarily in Wisconsin, USA. Most of the documents that are linked on this page were send electronically to us by Randall Tlachac. Norbert Tlachac and Giles Tlachac have also spend many hours communicating with family and assembling information on the Tlachac Family story.

Links to Publications, Documents, and images
The History of the John Tlachac Family
(Giles, Bernard, Donald, and Adrian Tlachac's Father)
The way the first settlers to this country lived…
As written by JOHN TLACHAC March 1975
This transcript is published as it was originally written by John Tlachac, who lived in Door County, Wisconsin, USA his entire life.
George Juza's Masterpiece of the Tlachac Family Ancestry
- 187 Pages (33 MB)
Tlachac Ancestry -
Handwritten Family Tree Diagrams by Vojta Tlachac
Hadac Family Ancestry - Hand written by Helen Tlachac Frank
Two Letters written to Vojta ( Randall Tlachac's Father) and
the Tlachac History book by Math Tlachac- 132 pages (4.2 MB)
Mathias Tlachac Last Will - 1900
Mathias Tlachac Baptismal and Immigration Documents
Wisconsin Farm Account - (22 MB)
Excerpts from John and Vojta Tlachac Farm ledgers
Margaret Tlachac (Giles and Randall's grandmother) handwritten family record
Margaret Tlachac Will
Margaret Tlachac - " my Mother's name"
Record of Intent -
Marriage Record for Mathias Tlachac in 1860 and recorded on Immigration

Door County Census 1880

History of Belgian Settlements
Excerpt of John Tlachac 1905 Ledger (52 MB)
1856 Passport - Mathias Tlachac
Joseph I Franz Password - 1859
Lincoln Grade School 1920 pamphlet - Names of students ( Math Tlachac is the Teacher)
Randall - I didn't find this document on the disk :) Please send in an email ok? :) Donna

We intend to publish other information of the Wisconsin, USA - Tlachac family on this web site in the future. If you are interested in reading more, please bookmark this page and return. We are very interested in learning more about our family and heritage around the world. If you have information that you would like to contribute, please send an email to Giles Tlachac in Wisconsin USA by clicking here.

The photograph below was taken by a family member who just made a visit to Terchova, Slovakia in May of 2004. We "met" over the Internet by email. Thank you Peggy! This village is beautiful!

Terchova, Slovakia