Digital Mosaics

Click here to see the beautiful moaics created by the Adult 2003 Painting and Drawing
in a Virtual Studio Class

Mosaic are a decorative and narratives art form since Roman times. A mosaic is a picture or decorative design made by setting small colored pieces, as of stone or tile, into a surface.

Painter 7's Make>Mosaic feature allows you to create an original mosaic by drawing or to create a mosaic by cloning a photo and then laying down the tiles in the clone.

1. Download the Butterfly.jpg
2. Save the image in .riff format
3. Color the butterfly with vivid colors using Painters brushes or Artistic brushes
4. Add contrasting colors in the background of the image.
5. Create the mosaic
6. Apply a surface texture to add luminance and depth to the individual tiles.

Internet Field Trip:

Classical Mosaic Web Site - Examples of the art form

Creating a Mosaic