This short Tutorial demonstrates how you can add a Map Note Layer to your map
We are creating a link to Yosemite Valley located in Yosemite National Park in the USA


1. Find the location of your Map note

Find A Location

2. Add a Map note from the The ADD menu


3. Under Template, start by chosing the "Map Notes" option at the top of the list to use basic push pin symbols.
Later you can choose to change the symbology to another style of map note (recreation, park planning, etc)


4. change the words map note to YOSEMITE ( or to the name of the location that you are marking)
This actually creates a layer named for the location. You will now choose the type of way point that you will enter.


5. Choose the icon for the way point or map note that you are adding. In this picture, I have chosen the
push pin icon. ( Remember, you can change this icon later)


6. Position your mouse over the place that you want to mark and click.


7. Change the word "Point to the name of your location. I typed in Yosemite Valley




You can leave the image URL and Image Link URL blank or you can fill them in

Under Image URL type in:


Under Link URL Type in:



When you are finished click close if you are finished OR press Change Symbol if you would like to change the symbology.

Under the change symbol dialog you can change the size of the symbol in pixels to a fixed width or change the nature of the symbol entirely