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I have so many typical photos of myself that I could have chosen. So, not wanting to take this new era of life too seriously, I decided to go with this one, as it was a very happy day filled with family, friends good food and memories.



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Welcome to Tlachac Dot Com! The website that I created over 20 years as an educator.

Tlachac Dot Com will continue to support information on digital art, website development, graphic design, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and tips on using Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, (basically all Adobe Products ) Art and Design principles, Painter, and E-publishing. It is just a shell at the moment, my apologies. I plan on republishing the reorganized content very soon, to ensure that I can continue to support digital learning.

Many changes have been on the horizon for me over this last year!

The biggest transition for me was deciding to retire a bit early from teaching high school. Teaching was a calling for me, as I loved interacting with so many wonderful people at Rancho Buena Vista High School and the Vista Adult School. What a wonderful career!

I may teach again someday, but for now, I am focusing on a new direction (basically teaching myself) and stepping back from my-side gig in the digital publishing world.

My new adventure is exploring life as a mixed media artist. I am endeavoring to take the advise that I shared with all of my students along the way. What advice am I speaking of?
I always told them to follow their dreams and to make goals to guide them through lifes journey. I also shared the fact that life's event don't always happen in the preconcieved order that they think they will transpire. Yes, 2019 was my time to step back, recenter myself, and listen to my own advice.

The journey has been so much fun, a lot of work and very rewarding! Between my many charted goals, I am embracing serendipitious adventures that are sprinkled throughout the days. I wake up almost every morning with a new idea. To keep track of all of the things I hope to accomplish, I actually had to make several videos to record my musings!

So, consequently, my YouTube Channel is growning. I am going to try to post a video for each of my blog posts. My YouTube Channel is called In A Virtual Studio and my Blog is called Ten Ounce Cup after my little 4 pound chihuahua Pepper, who was small but mighty.

Visit my Artist Site for updated and current information at
Check back here for the educational site's return someday soon.

Have a Fun Day!
Donna Tlachac

For Fun
Enjoy - An animated map of Earth's ocean currents and a map of Earth's wind and weather
-   A Greek Proverb that really resonated with me is as follows -

"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in."

Isn't that a nice thought to ponder?